Your World of Warcraft Battlenet account is the perfect online place to meet with your friends

Added 22/9/2011

Your World of Warcraft Battlenet account is the perfect online place to meet with your friends and play online World of Warcraft multiplayer games. It offers the highest quality and the most powerful World of Warcraft experience. It was completely redesigned in order to deliver new and important cutting edge features.

Your Battlenet account is the central location for accessing and managing your Blizzard games: World of Warcraft, Starcraft II and soon Diablo III.

The following are the main benefits of owning a World of Warcraft Battlenet account:

#1: A huge community of millions.
World of Warcraft alone has more than 12 million players. Starcraft II sold 3 million copies of the game in the first month.

Diablo 3 is also likely to become a colossal success. Imagine for a second: Diablo 2 has sold 4 million copies as of 29 August 2001, more than 9 years ago! Now, there are far more Internet users and hard core gamers. It's likely to sell at least 10 million copies after it will be released.

#2: One place to manage your favorite games.
From your Battlenet account you can manage all the 3 main games from Blizzard. It automatically syncs your campaign as you play it. You can resume it at any time you want.

#3: Play and upgrade from everywhere.
You can upgrade your games, purchase new ones or download free patches from this single location. This simplifies the process both for you and for Blizzard. To purchase the games, you will connect with your Battlenet account directly to the Blizzard store.

Download the game as many times as you want. This allows you to install your game right after you reinstalled your local operating system. The game will also be installable on all your different machines.

#4: Save all your games in one place.
You can resume, save and manage all your games from one single Battlenet account. Seamlessly switch from your PC to your laptop and vice versa.

#5: Parental controls.
Parental controls can be used in case you have children playing the games or if you want to limit your playing time. You can set daily and weekly play time limits and receive play time reports. You can even disable or enable the voice chat inside the game.

#6: Real ID
The Real ID adds a social spark to your Battlenet account. It will enrich your social gaming experience. Send broadcast messages and get status information about your friends. You can even engage in cross-game chats.

Your Battlenet account is a simple site that will manage all your favorite games. It gives you access to features you only dreamed about. Check it out for yourself and have fun playing these amazing games from Blizzard.


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auction house secrets in a cataclysm gold guide

Added 22/9/2011

Ever hear of supply and demand? Maybe you've heard of buy low, sell high? Let me tell you straight up, you've heard wrong. Prepare for a lesson in cataclysm gold making on the auction house that will make you reevaluate your ah understanding.

First off, buying low and selling high sounds like a great idea, but it doesn't happen with any kind of reliability. Even if you use the powerful addon auctioneer, if you pick up items for super cheap and then try to sell them for above average prices they still won't se game goldll. The real way to sell on the auction house is by selling at the normal value of the item. So let's call it buying low and selling normal.

This seems like really simple stuff and it is, but you wouldn't think that asking players how to make gold on the auction house in cataclysm. Sell high they say! What a load of crap, who's going to want to buy you stuff for above the normal value anyway? The secret is in learning to buy at a lower value so that you can sell for less than your competition and still make gold.  

Ok, time for your next lesson in cataclysm auction house economics.

Supply and demand determines the price of your items, not how much gold you want to make off your items. In a perfect world, supply and demand would be equal so that prices would never change. However, these two things are always moving, both in the real world and cataclysm. Understanding how these changes can affect pricing is your next lesson.

When supply is high and demand is low, prices go down. When supply is low and demand is high the price goes up. Think about it, if there are too many items up for sale and not a lot of people are buying then more and more appear and the price keeps going down with the additional competition. When supply is low and demand is high then the lack of items and consistent buying makes for rapidly increasing prices.

So who cares about all this theory crap? How does it apply to game mechanics and situations?

Here's a quickie for you:

Player one has 100 ore he wants to sell and there is only 20 on the auction house right now. He can post all 100 right now and as more competition appears they will undercut his price down to nothing. Instead, player one should post another 20 or so ore for the same price as the other and make far more over time. Maybe he should buy the ore right and then post the 100? Nope, wrong again, you'll end up with the same demand and too much supply again. Instead, if player one is going to buy out the first stack he should post another 20 for around 150% value.  

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